"To sell by owner? Or not?"(a questions many people selling their home's ask themselves)

Brenda B, Denison, TX -- Explains her FSBO Experience, and why Seller's should consider the assistance of a licensed, professional Real estate agent --

"If I had to do it over again I would hire a real estate agent to sell my home. The value of having your house listed by a real estate agent is not realized until you try to sell it on your own.

I assumed that because I was retired, I would have plenty of time to manage the many phone calls, inspections, paperwork and open houses, and a Realtor would get a large chunk of the sale price -- I thought I could save money by doing it myself.

So, I sold my home by purchasing service from a local FSBO (For Sale by Owner) company.

I was unaware, at the time, how little would be provided in the way of assistance, and they do things for you that you can do yourself. The FSBO company representative came and took pictures of the property and uploaded it to the internet and gave me yard signs, a brochure box and listing brochures. I wasn’t ready for all the phone calls, open houses, negotiating offers and closing details. I was not prepared for was the overwhelming number of steps just to get an interested buyer to write an offer. Calling in to their customer service was no help to me at all. I was often made to feel like I was fighting to get things done accurately. I felt that I was being pushed aside constantly. When I asked questions I never got a direct answer and explanation why for most of their responses or lack of.

What I learned is that my share of the selling price was no more than if I had used a Realtor; and may have possibly been higher if I had.

A real estate agent can keep a potential buyer grounded by keeping their expectations realistic. A listing agent can also help keep the seller’s expectations in check by knowing what the narrow range is for a fair market price is.

If you don’t have historical knowledge of real estate market trends or buyer preferences, you will be putting yourself at a financial disadvantage attempting to sell on your own.

A home owner is not equipped with the knowledge of the real estate market may not be able to negotiate a fair market price and end up taking less for the sale."


My Commentary---

"A Realtor is trained and licensed to handle your real estate transaction competently and professionally. Answering your questions is what we are here for! Call me today!"

Diane Sebetka, Realtor, Licensed in the state of Iowa